6 Instagram tools that help you improve your results

instagram tools

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Modasul | 6 Instagram tools that help you improve your results | Instagram is accessed by thousands of people around the world every day. The platform, which was previously used only as a photo album, is now one of the greatest allies of any entrepreneur, and that’s because Digital Marketing has shown its importance every day.

And social network is the right arm of any self-respecting strategy to attract and gain an audience on the Internet. Now, you must think that you must post your product photo, write a cute caption, and add some hashtags. But that’s where you’re wrong.

The platform is more complex and has many more tools than you can imagine. If used correctly, each is intended for a specific purpose that helps you grow your business.

1 – Reels

This feature works like Tik Tok, the other popular platform for brands and influencers. Reels make it possible to record short videos between 15s and 30s, with multiple cuts, augmented reality filters, acceleration and deceleration effects, audio, etc.

There is a specific tab where you can access all the videos made by each profile, but they can also appear in the feed if this option is selected when posting and is part of your strategy. An excellent way to increase your reach is to make the video available in the explore tab because that way, even those who don’t follow the account can see it.

They are usually funny videos with background music or dubbing that tend to go viral. You can use it to give quick and relevant tips on subjects relevant to your product or service in a more lasting way than in stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

2 – Stories

Stories were made for sharing short videos of everyday life, but brands took little time to turn them into powerful sales tools. With the possibility of putting music, links that direct to sites outside the platform, and funny filters, it’s easy to attract the public’s attention.

They are used to maintain and nurture the relationship with the customer, increase your engagement by showing your store’s routine, producing your products, and answering questions about what you sell very organic way with the famous box of questions.

3 – Live

Lives have become a fever in the pandemic, and we promise not to slow down after it passes. They can be held in concerts, events, classes, interviews, real-time chats, and any other your imagination can reach. Plus, you can increase your reach while building a connection with your audience.

4 – Videos 

In the beginning, Instagram did not allow the sharing of videos, but the world turned, and today this is the format that the platform’s algorithm delivers the most to people. With the success of TikTok and Reels, this type of content has become a fever on the Internet, and people spend hours watching it.

And, of course, you can convert that into profit for your company one way or another. They make it possible to deepen your content, bring curiosity about your product, and make audiovisual advertisements like the ones shown on TV. Of course, it must draw attention, be fun, and not be set in stone. That is, you have more reach and engagement using a single tool.

Ultimately, whether you want to create marketing videos, personal vlogs, or entertainment content,  FlexClip can help you create Instagram videos that make an impact.

5 – Carousel

Carousel is a tool that makes it possible to publish several photos in a single post, and the followers can see all of them by going to the side, hence the name. Used correctly, it can increase your engagement, following, and reach.

With this tool, you get much more information, details, and alternative points of view, making your post much more organic and interactive. This usually pleases the public, regardless of age or the niche you work in.

6- Instagram Shopping

Last but not least, there’s Instagram Shopping. The tool works like a virtual store within your Instagram where you can assemble a catalog with all your products within your profile. That way, once the customer clicks on one of them, they will automatically be taken to your e-commerce site to complete the purchase.

This feature also makes it possible to tag products in your photos posted in the feed and in stories and take your customer to the website.

And these are all the tools you can find on Instagram to help you increase your sales and results. Did you write everything down? So it’s time to get your hands dirty and make your company grow.