7 Ways to Accompany Someone with Depression

7 Ways to Accompany Someone with Depression | Photo by Zen Chung

Modasul Web | 7 Ways to Accompany Someone with Depression | The effects of depression can have a hugely diverse range of effects on a person’s life.  It might be difficult to support a loved one who is experiencing depression. It is recommended to equip oneself with information, comprehension, and insight into this condition, as well as to speak with a medical professional or a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, if you (or the person you are caring for) exhibit depressive symptoms for at least two weeks and they interfere with your (or your loved one’s) ability to engage in daily activities.

Although no two people suffer from depression in exactly the same way, here are seven ways worth trying to help accompany someone you know who is depressed.

  1. Provide Company. Having someone to talk to might be a welcome diversion from any depressing thoughts. Allow them to feel comfortable talking to you by listening to them carefully. Include them in your everyday activities, because it helps them expand their network of friends and family. Clearly define your role in assisting them. As much as possible, refrain from correcting them in a scolding way. Provide words of support and comfort to the person who is going through hardships, while being honest to them about their situation. Do not hesitate to consult a professional when things become too severe.
  1. Seek treatment or therapy. Finding appropriate medical care is a vital aspect of the healing process. Maintaining therapy until symptoms diminish is recommended. If one course of treatment does not seem to be working, it is preferable to try something else.
  1. Give emotional support. Moral support is another factor that can help speed up the patient’s recovery. Being patient, understanding, encouraging, and compassionate toward the person is essential. Be careful also not to put too much pressure on them. The stress might increase the risk of them falling back into depression.
  1. Maintain friendship. Sometimes, they may seem to push you away because of how they are feeling. But remember that despite their actions, they value your support.  Make sure to maintain your closeness to them; the last thing they need is to feel isolated.
  1. Encourage lifestyle changes. Many depressed persons struggle to keep up with their therapy appointments and other treatment requirements. Sometimes it is challenging for them to keep a habit even if they want to. One way to help them is by encouraging and accompanying them in adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as making adjustments to their diet and level of physical activity.
  1. Assist them in their treatment. Accompanying the patient to their therapy or treatment may be needed to ensure that they commit to their schedule. Treatment from a psychiatrist or psychologist for depression is crucial. The patient will be able to identify the roots of their psychological issues and work toward a solution. Only a psychiatrist or psychologist can determine what form of treatment would most benefit the patient.
  1. Ask. The last piece of advice in accompanying persons with depression is to ask them what they would like to do. You may try engaging in activities that bring you joy or that make you laugh. Even if just for a short period of time, it will do much good for them.

Bear in mind that it is achievable for people to overcome depression.  The most important things you can do to support your depressed loved one are to be present and consistent, to adjust your expectations as needed, and never lose hope.  Your presence may just be one of the keys for them to recover and enjoy fruitful and fulfilling lives.