Home Credit supports cycling in Iloilo and the Philippines

Home Credit Cycling

Home Credit supports cycling in Iloilo and the Philippines | Triccia Sucgang, Correspondent — Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), which is the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, is continuously expanding its consumer finance services by providing a wider variety of goods that cater to the evolving requirements of Filipinos; among these goods is a bicycle, which is one of the company’s lifestyle priorities.

Home Credit was one of the partners of the Iloilo Bike Festival, which took place in July of last year. This event was the largest gathering of bike hobbyists and enthusiasts in Iloilo City, and it was organized by the Iloilo Festival Foundations Inc., in collaboration with the Iloilo City Government and various other stakeholders.

The three-day event, which has the theme “BikeKaNaman sa Iloilo City,” is one of the numerous activities that the LGU is undertaking to promote the city as a safe, picturesque, and environmentally responsible bike community.

Home Credit was a delighted participant in the Iloilo Bike Festival 2022 and an enthusiastic supporter of the Iloilo City Biking community. Home Credit has made it possible for more Filipinos to purchase bicycles by making consumer financing options and partnering with bike merchants who sell bikes. These options are both accessible and inexpensive.

“We at Home Credit, would like to express our solidarity with the community that we are supporting alternative mobility. We support bike tourism. This is part of our thrust, in our ESG Philosophy but this time, we’re focusing more on the environmental impact,” said Ken Lerona, HCPH’s head of Public Relations.

The Iloilo City Government has seen not only the importance of biking as a hobby or sport, but as an environment-friendly and budget-friendly mode of transportation.

“We would like to thank Home Credit for their assistance with the Iloilo Bike Festival. As mayor of Iloilo City, I really appreciate and commend the assistance of Home Credit to our bike festival and bike lanes as we promote Iloilo to be the Bike Capital of the Philippines,” said Jerry Treñas, Mayor of Iloilo City.

Home Credit has noticed a considerable rise in the number of sales of bicycle-related products in Iloilo City and in certain other areas around the country that are bike-friendly. As part of its mission to enable Filipinos to live the life they want right now, the company expects that the consumer finance solutions it offers will enable it to be an ally in expanding access to bicycles for a greater number of Filipinos.

“We believe that if we support and empower the community to have the facility to be able to afford these bikes, we promote a healthy lifestyle, we promote a healthy environment. This is what we do at Home Credit,” added Lerona.  

Home Credit Philippines, where he served as an independent director, is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). To know more about Home Credit Philippines, visit their official website www.homecredit.ph.