Keys to Truly Knowing Thyself | Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina

MODASUL | Keys to Truly Know Thyself | Among the vast populations of people that inhabit this planet, have you ever wondered what makes YOU truly unique? You are in this world for a purpose that is different from all the people you meet.  Yes, each person who lives in this world has a particular mission to fulfill.  But don’t we sometimes get caught up in focusing on others’ lives whom we admire?  We tend to strive to be just like them in so many ways, not realizing that we are covering up who we are and what we are meant to be.

The majority of people who have role models have an impulse to imitate these role models. But this is not the way to live a fulfilled life. You can have a role model but you should always look up to them as an inspiration, and not try to copy them to the letter. Doing so will cause you to lose your own identity and leave you with no sense of direction in life. To live your life with purpose, you need to know and keep your true identity.  How to do that? Here are the top tips to learn more about your true self.

One of the first steps in self-discovery is accepting the reality that this is a process, and part of the process is overcoming adversities. A simple illustration is a human being’s normal development: a baby will first learn to crawl, then sit, then stand, and eventually walk and run. This is all part of the process for a child to reach his or her goal, which is then to embrace his or her loving parents. After numerous failed attempts, the child will succeed in his or her goal. This example should help you realize that there will be challenges to conquer along the road towards your goal, but that doing so is very possible.

Another crucial aspect of learning about oneself is the ability to concentrate or focus. Many people lack the ability to center on a single task. They are completely wasting their time with meaningless pursuits.  When working toward a goal, it is essential to target your efforts on the tasks or actions that are directly related to the objective to get you closer to success.

A key insight to self-knowledge is the acceptance of the truth that our very existence on this planet involves being of service to humanity and the rest of the world. We as humans are social beings, and when we help one another, we help ourselves and the society we belong to.  If you look closely, every living thing on Earth depends on one another.

Last but not least, if you want to find your own identity and succeed in life, you have to be disciplined. Living in a chaotic way is one of the surest ways to live a purposeless and haphazard life. 

Keep these foundational keys in mind as you discover your true self and it will surely lead you to the life purpose you were created for.