Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Control

Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Control | Photo by Chevanon Photography

MODASUL | Spiritual Enlightenment and Self-Control | The universe cannot exist without order as its foundation. Each celestial body, including our home planet, the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets, follows its own set of rules designed to keep the universe in perfect balance and beauty. Without this structure, chaos will reign. Just the same, discipline is an essential part of both our daily civil and spiritual existence. To keep mental peace and order, every individual must establish some standards.

Self-control is a man’s strength. It allows for growth and personal progress. A man who has a disposition that lends itself to discipline works in a manner that fosters collaboration with other people. On the other hand, discipline does not imply a restriction of one’s freedom.  It implies practicing self-control.

The value of order and discipline in classrooms has long been acknowledged. For children to develop a feeling of solidarity and spirituality, there has to be a place for it in the learning process. Some kids are able to learn this, but those who cannot fall into the group of people who are deaf to the voice of their own soul. In other words, if you want to avoid confusion in life, you need to practice discipline and create some structure. A confused person, no matter how much he wants to understand what his spirit wants to convey, cannot.

So, while self-control may seem not to have any causal effect on enlightenment, it plays a crucial role because of its indirect connection to spiritual development. A person realizes that if one exercises self-control in all aspects of his life, he will be successful.  Discipline is the most important factor in reaching a high level of enlightenment, regardless of whether one is in the academic, political, domestic, professional, or personal sphere.

Even if it may be challenging, discipline is necessary for the development of every person. It enhances your spirituality, which will take you far in life. Without self-control, a person risks falling short in many aspects of his life.  Especially in the world today, getting along with people and having a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with them is crucial.  In society, every person’s contribution to national growth depends on his or her adherence to a personal code of conduct and the law.

Whether we accept it or not, the practice of discipline allows for the growth and maturity of a person, community, and the world.  Self-control in our spirits leads to order in our society.